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EmotiVR is a wellness experience that uses real-time bioreactive gamification of performance art in XR.

This XR experience was inspired from Beantown Builder's collaborative painting workshops for cancer patients to connect with their repressed emotions as well as for millennials in high-stress environment such as tech, finance, and consulting.

Beantown Builder is about using collective, interactive, group workshops to spur dialogue about the world and to allow people to express themselves and relieve tensions through art — think Paint Nite, but with freedom to paint what you want, more group interaction, emotional release, and community engagement. 

Wall of Angst workshop series uses painting as medium of emotional therapy. EmotiVR flips the paradigm. It uses emotion as medium of art.

Now paint with your emotions on this new VR platform. Follow us on the journey. Stay in touch by signing up below. 

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Unique Experience

Beantown Builder is a production collaborative that creates an experiential outlet from the routine, strifling stress for adults in the city.

Wall of Angst

No-harm group venting session!   We host art workshops to create a healthy outlet of angst, through collaborative painting. The polarizing political and cultural state perpetuated by the mass media heightens the level of anxiety and a sense of impotence in our society. We need a therapy, a healthy way for people to channel the angst. In this process (literally) painting a collective narrative, we create beautiful stories. "Power of myths is what led to human cooperation," to quote Yuval Noah Harari.  

  1. Participants connect beyond social barriers in a 1-hour session - over the production of a single, shared colorful canvas. 
  2. This activity brings people physically together. 
  3. Anyone can do it without skill.

Why Boston?

Connect people beyond social barrier. Boston is various backgrounds mark people into largely 2 categories that Beantown Builder sees as an asset and an opportunity for fun, unique engagement. It’s also one of the most segregated cities.

Past VR Events


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Due to the proprietary nature of our work, we are selective in engaging with public events. For partnership or investment interests, please request a demo using the form below.

Wed, 3/27 - Massachusetts Medical Device Development (M2D2) 200K Competition - Runner-Up --> here.

Sat, 10/13 - HubWeek Boston --> here.

Thurs, 5/3 - Boston Art Week Arts Technica @ CIC Boston --> here.

Fri, 4/27 - The Groove Gallery --> here.

Thurs, 4/19 - BU ARVR Festival (Presenting) --> here.

Mon, 4/9 - Boston New Technology (Presenting) --> here.

Fri 4/6 - ICA First Fridays - Virtual Reality! --> here.

Wed, 3/28 - ICA Boston Tech Night--> here.

Sat, 3/24 - HomeGrown Boston --> here.

Wed, 3/21 - SVVR VR Mixer GDC/VRDC Week --> here.

Fri, 3/2 - Whisky Saigon VR Trip --> here.

Wed, 2/28 - Boston VR / EdTech

Our Story

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EmotiVR is a patent-pending real-time biofeedback experience that helps people connect with their emotions.

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50 Milk St, Fl. 16, Boston, MA 02109